Polyurethane foam


Polyurethane foam is a closed cell foam. This created by the mixing of two initially liquid products: polyol and isocyanate.By mixing of the components results in a reaction mixture which, under generation of heat, foams. At the end of the reaction, the foam and cure.

Isopur brings by means of a spray gun several layers, and thus provides a seamless thermal insulation. The polyurethane foam adheres to almost all materials such as wood, stone, aluminum or plastic. Large, small or hard to reach surfaces.

Isopur brings the polyurethane foam by means of spraying directly to the object to be insulated. The material forms a continuous, even layer without seams, cracks or holes where insulation without creating heat and / or cold bridges. The seamless foam layer is the ideal solution for areas with the most varied shapes because the material adapts to the surface.

The closed-cell polyurethane foam is water-resistant and also serves as a seal against weather and temperature influences.In addition, the polyurethane foam is resistant to weak acids and bases, oils, fats and petrol. Because the polyurethane foam is applied dry, rust formation is excluded.