Roof and wall insulation


Polyurethane foam can be readily and effectively applied against the inner side of roofs and walls. The seamless foam layer follows the contours of the surface and adheres to all materials and surfaces. The polyurethane protects against cold, heat, moisture and drafts. It is the perfect insulation.


Roof insulation:

Not only inside, but also you can have insulate the outside of roofs. The insulating foam is used for both existing and new roofs. For harmful effects of sun, wind and avoid rain, we bring, if desired a protective coating on polyurethane foam.


Wall insulation or wall insulation:

The insulation layer is applied directly to the outside of the inner cavity leaf. The polyurethane foam attaches easily to any surface, and closely follows the contours of, in this case, the facade. Thermal bridges and the so-called chimney effect will have no chance.


Features roof and wall insulation

Polyurethane is a two-component insulating foam. It is a CFC-free and therefore environmentally-friendly product. It is entirely seamless applied according to the so-called spray technique and easily follows the contours of the surface to be insulated. The polyurethane foam adheres to almost all materials such as wood, stone, aluminum or plastic. large, small or hard to reach surfaces; horizontal, vertical or overhead: within minutes the polyurethane is fully cured. The isolated surface can quickly be edited or amount thereafter. Polyurethane is resistant to weak acids and alkalis, oils, greases and gasoline.Because the polyurethane foam is applied dry, rust formation is excluded.