Floor insulation

 Polyurethane floor insulation is performed daily by Isopur.

The polyurethane foam is flush against the bottom of the ground floor, sprayed around floor bearings and over a certain height of the foundation beams. The result is a perfect separation between the climate in the crawl space and the climate in the house.

Worse than cold and heat, moisture. It penetrates everywhere and affects not only the comfort but also the construction.Moisture is thus not only a threat to homes and businesses, but also for hygiene and health.

Polyurethane is a two-component sprayed hard foam system consisting of more than 90% closed cells, so no capillary action. It is a CFC-free and therefore environmentally friendly product: it does not affect the ozone layer!

Floor insulation properties Isopur

Dry, well-insulated floors, no cold bridges. Very high insulation; to cold, heat, moisture, gases and the like. No moisture transport at seams and openings, or by vapor diffusion by capillary action. Braking water vapor. After polyurethane floor insulation remains ventilation of the crawl space guaranteed. The action remains excellent, even in the long term and in extreme outdoor conditions, pumped high and fluctuating temperatures. Healthy homes with an acceptable

humidity in the home. Polyurethane close the floor seamless off, in contrast to systems that cover the bottom.

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